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Shenzhen Developer Microelectronics Co. Ltd. was founded in April 2006, With a registered capital of RMB10 million, and is located in High-Tech Park. The Major businesses are IC design, packaging, test and sales. Developer Microelectronics Co., Ltd has 60 employees, including 15 designers & engineers, and 28 managers. The main managers are from Fujitsu and Huarun Huajing with 20 years of experience.


Shenzhen Developer Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Is the only sales channel of Lippxin Microelectronics, it has many offices in different Cities in China. In 2016, Developer Microelectronics achieved an annual turnover of over RMB500 Million Lippxin Microelectronics has 250 employees, including 43 R&D engineers, 28 managers. And senior executives from Nantong Fujitsu, Huarun electronics, the main managers have 20 years of experience in integrated circuit design with 20 years experience in the IC packaging and testing industry.

The main package: SOP8/7、SOP16、QSOP24、SOT23-6、TSSOP20、 DIP7/8

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key customers & market share

Main Products Key Customers Market Share
Lithium Battery Protection IC ZTE, HUAWEI 100KK/per month
LED Display IC Qiangli, Meiyadi, Huarui 60KK/per month
LED Lighting IC Dark Energy, Hongxingsheng 40KK/per month
Adapter & Charger IC TCL, Huawei, Accord Power, ERD 30KK/per month