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INCAP Capacitors Limited established the manufacturing facility in 1990 with technical collaboration from LELON Electronics Corporation, Taiwan. Today INCAP continues to be a leading manufacturer of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in India. Machinery is imported from Japan and Taiwan. Raw materials are sourced from reputed quality suppliers such as Japan, France, Italy, Korea and Taiwan. INCAP Limited is a listed company on BSE Stock Exchange.


product range

  • Radial – Low, Medium & High Voltage (85Deg and 105Deg)
  • Radial – Low Leakage, Long Life & Extended Long Life
  • Radial – Low ESR and Low Impedance Long Life (85Deg and 105Deg)
  • Radial – Bi-Polar and Non-Polar types
  • Snap-In Type Capacitors (up to 10000uf and 500WV)
  • LUG type Capacitors (up to 10000uf and 500WV)